Milne Forensic Services Inc.

Forensic Services and Litigation Support

Milne Forensic Services Inc. is a small specialty forensic accounting practice which provides a complete range of services directed towards the assessment of economic damages and investigative forensic accounting in civil, criminal and private matters. At Milne Forensic Services Inc. we are totally committed to providing the highest quality financial evidence at a reasonable cost.

Over the past twenty-five years the firm's principal, Gordon Milne, has prepared an extensive number of expert reports and testified as an expert witness on numerous occasions. The size of the firm also provides Mr. Milne the opportunity to be the actively involved in each phase of the engagement and not just on a review basis. You get the expert handling all aspects of your high-stakes financial case. Mr. Milne is readily accessible to you, and he always meets his

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The firm performs engagements in the following areas:

           Personal injury claims
           Business interruption claims
           Commercial and contract litigation
           Fraud investigations and accounting disputes

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