Business Interruption Claims

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Business interruption is the loss of profits and continuing expenses resulting from a break in activities due to an occurrence of a peril. When faced with an unforeseen business event that interrupts their business, clients need to know how that event will affect them financially. Business interruption claims are often complex and difficult and each claim can be different. We pride ourselves on our ability to calculate and document the loss under the most complex business interruption scenarios. We prepare insurance claims that are professional and well documented with a goal of presenting the claim in a fair and reasonable manner to be used in the settlement.
Unlike most loss quantification matters, business interruption claims are based on the insurance policy coverage. Our goal is to provide an adjuster, policyholder, or legal counsel with our knowledge and experience in accounting rules, procedures and related data in order to translate the accounting data to conform to insurance policy coverage language.

Exponent, working with a business owner, will assist in establishing loss due to interruption based on factual and financial data. We will calculate the actual amount involved, thereby giving our client an accurate amount of loss for purposes of risk management and/or for claim preparation. If requested, we can respond by producing an expert report, provide support in settlement, negotiations or other litigation proceedings.