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Investigative Related Matters

Investigative-Related Matters engagements involve the analysis of financial activity, primarily to determine and summarize the business substance and effects of financial transactions. The most common types of transactions examined are those which could disclose:

We work closely with the client and their legal team providing analyses which documents and details the events which occurred in order to assist in identifying and resolving fraudulent activities.. The typical engagement in this area could include reconstruction of records, interpretation of financial information, tracing of transactions and evaluate the legitimacy of the transactions. If required will prepare an expert report in a concise and easy to understand format. We also provide expert testimony to explain these technical details to the court.

While we provide services in the areas noted above, we believe that it is important for businesses to ensure that they have internal controls and warning systems in place to reduce the risk of irregularities occurring. Any control can be circumvented if the perpetrator works hard enough, however the risk can be reduced through early detection. We are well versed providing fraud prevention services and would be happy to discuss services with you.
Fraud/theft related matters
Financial statement manipulation
Investigation for hidden assets and unreported income
Secret commissions and supplier kickbacks