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Personal Injury Claims

Forensic Services and Litigation Support

The principal of our firm, Mr. Gordon Milne, has extensive experience providing loss quantification services in the area of personal injury claims including clinical and medical negligence. In all litigation arising from personal injury, the intent is to restore the plaintiff, as much as possible, to his or her pre-accident situation. Since permanent injury and disability cannot be reversed, monetary damages are designed to compensate the plaintiff for what he or she has lost.

Loss of earning capacity is one of the most complicated areas of damages. The goal is for the court to assess the totality of the circumstances, future possibilities and probabilities, and reasonable financial estimates to come up with a fair number of dollars to award. As experts in this area, we prepare our reports to assist the court make sure that the final amount of compensation is reasonable, for both the loss of income prior to the injury and the amount in today's dollars to provide for loss in future compensation. Injuries often result in a long-term compromise of an individual's ability to earn an income either through delay in career path, delay in education, or ongoing physical impairments, which result in a compromised income earning ability.

As a result of a personal injury, an individual's loss of income may arise as a result from a change in the operation of a business of which they are a corporate shareholder or which in an unincorporated business. These types of losses create additional issues which can impact an expert's calculation. With over thirty years of providing accounting, consulting and taxation services to private companies, Mr. Milne is well versed in the special ways in which these types of companies operate. This knowledge and experience allows him to analyse how they were operating at all key times before, during and after the affected period. We are then able to determine what might reasonably have taken place during the affected period but for the incident. At all times we will take full and proper account of sales, direct costs and appropriate overheads.